About us

Dear parents,

There are four of us in our family, and we love our kids to the moon and back! However, we don't enjoy spending hours trying to figure out what we need to make our time with them the best it can be. That is why we created All We Need, a place where we collected the best things we bought to make our family experiences great. You will only find what you need here, and there is a good chance that if something is not listed, you do not really need it. You will only find what you really need here, and if it is not listed, it is because you probably do not really need it. You can save time and money by purchasing products through our Amazon affiliate programme. Here at All We Need, we create a little income by advertising products we recommend. You don't have to purchase the items we recommend here, but we earn a little bit for the time we spend putting this website together.

With Love,
Giulia & Chris